Debbi R.    /    3 months

I would like to thank Ace Opportunities for the opportunity to grow and succeed in my recovery. During my participation in your program earlier this year, I was given the chance to discipline myself with your guidance. I must admit that your program was a challenge, and the rules and expectations were solid and unwavering, however they were in place for a purpose.  After 20 months of sobriety, self-discipline became achievable, where it never had been before in my life. I have become such a better person because of my experience with Ace Opportunities.  I was given the tools needed to be independent during the adversity and negativity of my legal and substance abuse issues.  I was also taught how to seek help from AA/NA and how to find additional resources for shelter, employment, food, health care, etc. during and after leaving your program.  Ace Opportunities and you are an invaluable resource to our community and I have and will continue to refer your programs to everyone I come in contact with who I feel may benefit.

Betsy N.  / 6 months

I was court ordered to go to Ace Opportunities and by then I was broken and nowhere to go but up.  At first, I was angry because I felt taken away from my home but now, I realize it was the best thing for me.  The structure of this program that Frank Seidl has set up has helped me to grow up, be independent and learn about the disease of my addictions and to find the solutions to dealing with life on life's terms.  Lisa Wiley has also been a great inspiration to me as well.  I lived in a home with many different personalities and learned from many 12 step meetings and the tutelage of Frank and Lisa how to handle these issues.  I became more mature emotionally and spiritually.  I'm grateful for this program, for this program has saved my life and it showed me how to save mine.

Michelle L.  / 6 months

Before Ace, I was lost and only knew one way of life. That way was what got me sentenced to Ace. After 2 months of being in jail, Judge Crane allowed me to go to Ace. It was such a blessing, and exactly what the name is, an opportunity. Ace gave me the structure that I had lacked my whole life. The little rules that I didn’t believe to be helpful have helped me so much since graduating. I was able to see my 2 year old at the time every weekend, and gained privileges as I earned them. I built a healthy relationship with my mother and peers. Got a job, that I quickly moved up in and now have the opportunity to give back to Ace with and the new girls coming in there. Ace opened up the doors to my recovery that I never would have known about without the help of Frank, Lisa, Charlie and staff. I could never thank this program and staff enough for the beautiful life that I am living now! 

Jessie H.  :   3 months 

I came into ace after completing a 6 month inpatient and I was still kicking and screaming to go home . Ace gave me the tools to live life outside of rehab . I met amazing woman that have helped me along my journey to get where I am today and the support i still have after completing the program is amazing . Anytime I need help with anything Frank and Lissa are always there to help out . I’m a year and a half clean , my kids are coming home , I have an amazing job ! I never thought I could be where I am and honestly without ace I wouldn’t be where I’m at . I had to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to woman going to meetings and collecting number but it helped me more then I had ever realized ! I come back to ace as much as possible because the support is amazing ! Before coming to ace I was so codependent on my mom asking her everything and depending on her for everything with ace I got my independence back and learned how to stand on my own two feet ! I will forever be thankful for ace !

Kasandra B.  / 8 months

Before entering Ace Opportunities, I was homeless, fresh out of jail, on probation still, and my child was forced to live in another home.  I had just detoxed off of major drugs and no family would speak to me or help me in any which way. When I first hear of the house, I thought it would be a good place to go in hopes that I would avoid violating my probation and being sent back to jail, plus, I had nowhere to go. During my stay, I was shown how to handle job interviews, in hopes that with felony charges I could still get a job, and I did. I was able to go to addiction counseling, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had on my own. I also started a twelve-step recovery program that was strongly encouraged by the house. It has changed my life and I still attend meetings today, two and a half years later. Also, during my stay, I was visiting my daughter on the weekends. The house had a rule that no one was allowed in. However, after doing well and showing how important my daughter was, and still is, to my recovery, Ace Opportunities set aside times on weekends for all mothers to have their children over. That was greatly important to me. I’ve learned structure, responsibility, and how to be productive, something I never was before. At nine months sober, I successfully completed probation. I was strongly encouraged to go to school, and have since then gotten my GED and have attended some college. I left the house after staying there for six months. I didn’t feel ready, but my daughter’s place to live had ended and it was time for her to come with me. After being terrified that I couldn’t handle it, I did!!! I have been clean and sober since I entered that house and have only stayed that way because of the knowledge that I gained there to have a life once again. Today I am huge on family. I focus on being a mother, wife, and recovering addict. I attend meetings and am happy! There are no thanks big enough for Ace Opportunities because they gave me a life back. If this letter can help someone who needs some direction, trust someone it has worked for. This is the way to go if you struggle with addiction!

Angelina R. /. 6 months

5 years ago I realized I needed SERIOUS help. I was lost , unstable, and in the streets . My life was a wreck and unmanageable. With the willingness and the want to change my life,  ACE took me into a structured environment that was full of support, encouragement and resources that would set me up for success! The culture of the program molded my attitude as well as my perspective on life.  The person I have become in comparison to who I was when I arrived there is unfathomable! With the knowledge gained alongside the solid foundation ACE opportunities provided, I have since started my own business, and became a realtor.  I also decided to start a nonprofit corporation after learning the importance of helping the “next one in line” and ACE supported me through the process even years after being in the program! They genuinely want you to succeed! The relationships built and the influence this had, will forever resonate inside of me. I will continue to be a part of ACE and forever be grateful! Thank you ACE!--

Renee M. / 10 months

I came to Ace Oct. 2012, from detox. After two weeks, I started seeing my daughter every Saturday. Before that, I was not able to visit with her very much. In the month of November, I was able to go home for the day and that gave me the opportunity to address issues with my daughter I had been putting off. I attended doctor visits for her ADD and functions at her school. I also started a job in this month. I renewed my relationship with my father. When December started, my third month at Ace, my life was getting so much better. My daughter and I began counseling together to address our issues between us. We talked about my addiction, and how this affected her. At this time, I was able to get overnights at home. My father and I were really talking now. We started making plans for me to live with my Mom and Dad when I completed Ace because I am a single mom and I would have their support in my recovery. In January, I was able to find a better job with more hours and better pay. This allowed me to be able to buy things my daughter needed and also to save money. Now, I am able to plan a trip to Disneyworld with my daughter which would have never been possible before when I was using. Today, I am very grateful to Ace, Frank, Lisa and Tina for so many miracles in my life. I am clean and sober, I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter and with my parents and most important, I am alive.

Female Testimonies

Nikia W   /   6 Months​

I was finally placed into a point in my life where I had to make a change. I'm voluntarily admitted myself into Ace opportunities and it was the best decision I ever made. In the time I was there I managed to work my case plan to get my daughter back I got my own place I got an amazing sponsor made some great supports. But most of all I found myself. It was lenient enough for you to choose between the right and wrong decisions but structured enough for me to get established to a normal life again. Had I just tried to get clean and sober without going into this program I never would have made it. It retaught me life skills that I had stopped using a long time ago. now I continually go back to help the new girls coming in to Ace so that they can see what I saw from the alumni that came when I was there that this is possible that life is greater on this side and if you want it bad enough you can get it! Thank you Ace opportunities for giving me another chance at life!

ACE Opportunities

Jenny C. / 6 months

Before I came to Ace, I was very unhappy. I was in an abusive relationship, pregnant and stuck. I couldn’t stop using, even for my daughter’s sake. I wanted to quit using drugs, but I didn’t know how to stay clean. I couldn’t keep a job. I lost my daughter. No one trusted me anymore.  About a month after I got to Ace, I had a full-time job that I still have a year later. After a lot of hard work, with help from Tina Lisa and Frank, I got my daughter back and my own place.  Things came together for me because of what I learned from Ace. I got the help I needed. I learned how to keep a commitment, time-management, how to respect others and how to be self-sufficient. I can take care of my daughter and myself. That is one of the best feelings in the world. Even after I left Ace, the entire Ace staff has been there to help me whether it is to ask a simple question, or helping me obtain my GED.

Dalia G. / 6 months

Life before Ace was terrible. I had come to the point in life where I was ready to just give up – ready to die. Hustling every day, waking up sick daily, stealing, I was just over it all.  Mr. Majors had tried to get me to agree to a program for several years. I had gotten to the point in life where I saw no other options than to learn a new way or die. When I arrived at Ace, I was definitely a mess. Many people thought I would not succeed in this program but right from the beginning the Ace staff had faith in me and that is where my inner strength began to grow. While at Ace I was in counseling with Tim Cashman and Tina McCallum who helped me with tough decisions in regards to my children. He was very helpful in my early recovery. I have accomplished a lot since I started Ace. I have had a real job – first one in five years. My family trusts me, I see my kids very regularly now. I have real friends and most importantly, I enjoy being alive.  My life is great today. I am so thankful that Ace took a chance on me. This was all possible because of Frank Seidl and Ace Opportunities.

Lisa D. / 6 months

I would like to thank Ace Opportunities for helping me turn my life around, becoming a productive citizen of society. Ace also helped me to get a job, a relationship with my children, grandkids, and other family members. I have completed probation; I’ve met great people, and worked for some awesome people. I’ve now moved out with some great people from Ace, a good network of people.

Kathy C. / 4 months

Exactly ten months ago today, I arrived at Ace Opportunities. I was in despair and my life was totally unmanageable. I had been to detox for 7 days for my addiction to opiates for the past 11 years. I never thought I could possibly stop this agonizing addiction as it had taken everything from me. (Self-respect dignity, home, etc.) Ace Opportunities saved my life!! Upon my arrival, I finally felt safe. I was able to learn to live my life once again without the use of opiates. The structure of the program set forth at Ace Opportunities brought me right back into the stream of life and I began to feel like an asset to society. Today I live with my two sons, ages 21 and 22. I have my life back finally! I am now a member of A.A., working the 12-step program and helping others.  This is a DREAM COME TRUE because of the care and dedication I received from Frank Seidl and Lissa Wiley of Ace Opportunities; I cannot thank them enough!  I will however, pass on the tools I have learned and continue to help others throughout my journey of life.

Erika H.    /    6 months

One morning I found myself in jail, without my children and hopeless.  I knew I wanted to stop using drugs, get off the streets and become anything other than what I was.  I desperately wanted my children and my life back.  It was in jail that I was offered a transitional program that would help me get off the streets and stay sober.  What I didn’t know was that the minute I said “yes” that my whole life would change for the better.  ACE Opportunities gave me the opportunity to focus on myself, my life and it showed me how to live a sober life – one that I haven’t ever known before.  It gave me the structure to become accountable for my actions and gave me the opportunity and the tools to achieve my goals.  I now am closer than I ever have to getting my children back; I have the support of a lot of caring people that encourage me every day to succeed.  This program was instrumental to me and has given me the most precious gift – my life back.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from an addiction and wants to get on a path of recovery.

Brittany C / 6 months

After spending two weeks in jail to detox, I arrived at Ace on October 8th 2013. Upon my arrival I was confused, hurt, and in desperate need of help. I knew I had a drug and alcohol problem; I knew I needed help, but I did not know where and how to get it. Fortunately, the help I desired so much came in the form of Ace Opportunities. 

My first encounter with Ace staff was with a rather friendly and eccentric face commonly known as Mrs. Lissa Wiley, she was definitely not what I thought she would be. She explained that her job description was to oversee the day-to-day operations of the females houses, conduct drug and/or alcohol tests, and be a shoulder to lean on when things got tough. Next, Lissa sat myself and another young lady down in the office and went over Ace's policies and procedures. She told us that Ace is overseen and run by a man named Frank Seidl. She explained to me that Frank and Ace's mission is to teach young men and women accountability, responsibility, and credibility in sobriety. That Ace's ultimate goal is family reunification. 

I got to look for a job after 30 days of being at Ace. The job coordinator Rochel offered guidance and direction in where to look for potential jobs. She is very well versed in what it takes to look presentable while job hunting and/or while going to interviews, she also offered support and guidance when a certain health care job I was really looking forward to getting did not work out. While job hunting, I utilized the public busses. Job hunting on the bus can be a rather tricky and exhausting task, so imagine how relieved I was when I found out that Frank offers drivers to take you job hunting once a week. The people who took us job hunting are all volunteers who donate their time in helping us find employment. Rochel and the volunteers were definitely a huge help to me while I was job searching. Rochel helped me land a job with a national grocery store and within six months of working there I was promoted. Tina is there to assist the girls with children with their case plans and family reunifications. I do not have children but Tina is a great help to many of the girls.

While at Ace I went to AA and NA for the first time. I found out that there is a solution to my problem. So within two months of living at Ace I found my first sponsor. Part of Ace's rules is that you have to have an active working sponsor. I met with my sponsor every Tuesday afternoon come rain or shine. I used to walk about half a mile to her work right when she got off and we would walk up to the local coffee shop and do step work. A few of the things that I learned at Ace is, that Ace will show you how to live sober, how to be accountable, how to follow your schedule, and how to be responsible. And that actively working a twelve step program will keep you sober.

 I got to see my family on what Ace calls "home visits" and "overnights". Ace allows you one eight hour home visit after you have been there 30 days and one overnight once a week once you have been there 90 days. The first time I saw my mom on a home visit was very emotional we both started crying when i ran up and hugged her, the last time I saw my mom I was handcuffed and shackled in a court room. I slowly but surely got reunited with my family. The first overnight with my family was spectacular. We cooked dinner and watched a movie together. I will never forget how I felt that first night back at home.

The lessons that Frank, Lissa, Tina and Rochel have taught me have forever changed my life for the better. The time I spent at Ace has made me into the person I am today. I will be two years sober in September 2015. I still donate my time to Ace. I actively sponsor the young women at Ace and I more than happily volunteer my time driving the girls to and from meetings. I truly believe that if I had not gone to Ace that I would have not of stayed sober when I got out of jail on October 8th 2013. Ace has saved my life. I am entirely grateful and thankful for Ace and all of its staff. 

Katie D.  / 10 months

I was addicted to drugs for over 13 yrs, I was homeless in abusive relationship an jail I lost anyone who truly loved me due to my addiction I lost houses cars kids and myself. I was desperate and had no one to run to but ace opportunities was there cheering me on loving me till I could love my self helping me with family relationships, support, job skills, counseling..for the first time since the age 9 I felt safe. I am blessed to say today I have over two years clean, ace helped me get my life back together an live productively, I have my own place, my family back in my life, my self back thanks to the guidance, support an structure designed at ace my family and my kids are just as proud of me as I am myself I am so happy to be apart of this growing opportunity  

Nicole S / 6 months

I was miserable. If you would have told me a year ago i would be happy like i am today. I would have never believed you. I was hopeless and tired. I just didn't even care anymore. But something happened. I was sent to Ace. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. This program gave me structure. It helped me transition into the world sober. It introduced me to a program of recovery which i am very much involved in today. I am an independent, responsible adult. Those are things I didn't think were important but being a single mother, they are needed. Frank, Lissa, Tina and Rochel are the most caring and amazing people. I honestly have no clue where i would be if it wasn't for this program. I am a totally different person and i am happy, joyous and free. If you want this. I would recommend Ace to anyone.

Tina M / 6 months

Dear Judge,  I really don’t know how to start this letter out, I have so many things to say well here goes. Six months ago, entering Ace I was a wreck. I was so miserable, co-dependent and so unsure of myself. I was absolutely lost. I was the quiet girl you would find alone in the corner of the room most the time. I had no relationship with my family and most of all my children, I was losing custody of my baby girl. In a whole bunch of legal trouble, I was at the end of my rope I literally thought there was no hope for me, I was here to stay out of jail and that was the reality at the time. Honestly I had no determination to better myself but somewhere along the way with the help and motivation of Ace Opportunities I accomplished things I never thought were possible. I received my high school diploma, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been in school!! I’ve been rewarded custody of my little girl and I have a bond with my little boy, I’ve never been so close to my family in over a decade. Huge opportunities are arising for me at work. With the structure at Ace it’s helped me to be more organized with my life and time management is HUGE without that you’ll be a mess or at least I was. I like who I am today I am no longer the quiet girl who sits all alone in the corner. I have self-confidence self-will and so much determination today. I am still figuring out who I am but no rush I have a lifetime to do that. My motivation to better myself sticks with me every day. I want to go to college for my business degree, I can’t believe I will be in college next year, I honestly never thought I’d say that! If I can give you any advice take what Ace has to offer it is worth it. Don’t give up. It’s a hard road I know, no one ever said it’s going to be easy but it’s the challenges in life that make you stronger and make you out to be the wonderful person who you truly are! Don’t believe any less of yourself, you can do anything you want it just takes a whole lot of work and most of all TIME don’t be in such a rush take one day at a time and before you know it you will be right here in my spot writing this letter. Thank you for everything you’ve done not only for me but for my family Ace Opportunities. You will forever be in my heart.

April D / 6 months

I came to Ace in August of 2019 remanded by the court. While I was waiting to be transferred to Ace, I was in jail not knowing what Ace was, or anything about it but at this point I would have tried anything I was physically, mentally, and spiritually at my lowest point. I have to say Ace was one of the best experiences that I had, it saved my life. Ace showed me how to live in society again. The staff was helpful whenever I needed any help. They go above and beyond to try to make your time at Ace the most productive and produce the best results possible for everyone. Ace helped me with being on time, responsibilities, budgeting and I built the foundation I have today at Ace. The groups were great, as well as the other ladies I went through the program with.  I still have relationships with and always will.  Ace helps you get ready to be on your own. The alumni that come back to bring in meetings, groups or just to give the newer ladies hope that it is possible.  You will get out of this program what you put into it. I graduated February of 2020, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity. The staff, I am so grateful to Frank, Lissa, and all the others that helped me along this path. I go back for alumni events, and go to meetings when I can so I can share my experience, strength, and hope with the newer ladies. Ace will work for you if you are willing to do the work and cooperate with the program. I can’t say enough about the program and I highly recommend going to Ace if you are having difficulty in life.

Call now to find out more: (727) 776-5336

Brandi   /   6 Months​

I highly recommend Ace Opportunities for anyone who is struggling with addiction, or transitioning from a difficulty in their lives. I was a client of Ace in 2018, I did not go by choice, I was given this opportunity through drug court, I was not happy about this at the time I fought it all the way, after three months in the program I gave up and was discharged for using. I was home where I wanted so badly to be, back to the same things that got me there to begin with and had no solution, I ended up at home waking up barely, alone and all I could do was think about how I messed up so badly because I now wanted to go to Ace. Thankfully Frank Seidl the owner answered my call and I asked if he would take me back, he did but only if I was taken into custody, I agreed and that’s what happened. I was extremely grateful for the second chance. I had been using some substance, or substances for 23 years of my life, I had only been off of all substances for 7 days in those 23 years, and that was by force, due to being in the hospital from a overdose. I had been to a rapid detox program, a 28 day program, long term dual diagnosis treatment center, and I never was totally clean even in those programs. My substances of choice were given to me even in treatment. I failed every time. I never really saw it as a long term reality for myself. In 3 months at Ace even though it resulted in a negative way, it had that much of a impact on my life for me to willingly go into custody to be given a second chance. I needed this specific program, I knew it and I committed myself to give 110% effort it I was given the chance. That is exactly what I did. I never expected to have my life to improve so dramatically in just 6-9 months, and it continues today, almost 3 years later. I am living the best life I ever have today. From where I was in 2018, being arrested 3 times, in jail for the first time in my life, I was in a situation where I saw absolutely no way out of, my only way out I thought was to just end my life. I tried, unsuccessfully, I would pray to God begging Him to let me just go, and it didn’t happen. I then was convinced that God was punishing me by keeping me alive. My experience at Ace thoroughly changed the direction of my life. From hopeless and suicidal, today I am beyond grateful for my life and all the experiences I have had that made me the woman I am today. I was able to have enough time away from any substance for the fog to clear, I was able to remember who I really was, I was lost for many many years, lived through many situations where I am surprised that I did come out alive. In these six months I had transformed into a woman I can be proud of today, the person I was prior to all the traumatic events, and substances that I used to escape my reality. I now faced it, got through it to the other side and I will never go back. I even tried to go back and I could not do it, I value myself, my life, my family, my loved ones, too much to go back into that dark world. I gained confidence that I never had, I had no choice but to recognize the strength I have and the capabilities I have been blessed with. I will not give that up for any substance again. I will forever be grateful to Ace and would highly recommend this to anyone needing to rediscover themselves, heal or recover from any harmful situation. The environment is safe, supportive, provides assistance with basically anything that you need to transition into a new life a new you. From employment to encouraging families to reunify the staff and alumni will go above and beyond to help you succeed. I can honestly say if you can commit 100% to following the program, rules and be open minded about doing things differently I can guarantee in 6 months you will be in a completely different place in your life than you are today, you will have hope, you will find your purpose, and worst case scenario you tried it and you didn’t want it, you really have nothing to loose. It’s like a family at Ace, everyone doesn’t always like each other, or get along but have enough respect for the program to behave in a way that gives anyone a chance regardless of personal feelings. You will find new associations, create a new environment for yourself and live your life being able to see the sun shining in the morning instead of living in darkness, lost and alone. You are worth it and you’ll believe that in time, and that is priceless. 

Christina R / 6 months

I am a 37 year old woman whose life was unstructured and meaningless, until Ace Opportunities. Like most people I was court ordered into the Ace Opportunities Program. I, however, welcomed this chance for change and structure in my life. Never did I think I would receive what I did from Ace. Ace has a great working relationship with The Good Samaritan Health Clinic which aloud me the opportunity to receive some much-needed medical attention and medication. I was introduced to wonderful women who are willing members of a 12 Step Recovery Program, I was given counseling that helped with the healing of myself emotionally, I was able to find employment and I am still employed at that job. I was able to learn time management while at Ace and still use the skills I learned at home. Ace helps in the reunification process between myself and my children. Ace believes that a woman should have support and will help in the reunification process between women and her family. Ace taught me to respect myself and others as well as repetition and responsibility.  I stay connected with Ace and help the new women that come into the Ace Opportunities Program, I simple learned how to live again. Thank You Ace Opportunities. 

Sydni A/ 6 months

Ace gave me the opportunity to learn the skill "live life on life's terms". Not only did I learn to cope with living sober, but I got to experience how to live on a daily basis. For instance, if I didn't have a car how would I find a job? How would I get to work? Food shopping? etc. Ace taught me that no matter what you can start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Of course, the start of something new can be extremely scary. Having the people who understood me and the people who work for Ace Opportunities helped me be comfortable in learning the steps I needed. I absolutely recommend Ace to any person or persons looking for help in sober living! I wouldn't be where I am today without them! 


Nina B. / 9 months

I want to thank you for all the accomplishments I was able to make while I was living at Ace. When I arrived, I had lost a lot of like skills needed to be a productive member of society. I was barely detoxed off the drugs I was on when I arrived at Ace. I started going to A.A. and N.A. meetings, as well as substance abuse classes and mental health counseling. Prior to Ace, my life was in chaos and I had not worked in over ten years. I was able to get my priorities back in focus, re-establish the lost relationships with family.  I eventually acquired a stable job, which I was able to maintain and prosper within the company. I was able to move out on my own. I made new friends and acquaintances that I am able to count on for support today. I know I would not be where I am today if not for the structure and support, I received at Ace.


Alyssa D. / 9 months

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all that Ace Opportunities has done to help me turn my life around for the better. When I came to Ace in December 2012, I had nothing. I had managed to lose everything in my life. I didn’t know how to live a productive, healthy life. While at Ace, I learned how to live again. I was blessed with a job; something I never thought would happen with my criminal background. I was working as a housekeeper at a hotel, the structure that Ace gave me helped me to become a better person each day that passed. In March 2013, I was promoted to Head Housekeeper. This position actually allows me to help other girls at Ace by being able to offer a couple of them jobs as housekeepers. I also have been able to heal relationships with my children and others. My children started trusting me again and I am able to be a mom and grandma. I had absolutely no relationship with my father for 2 years prior to coming to Ace. Today, I have an amazing relationship with my Dad and we speak on a daily basis. Today, I am a responsible adult living in my own apartment and paying all of my own bills. I stay involved with Ace Opportunities to this day because it keeps me grounded. Also, through Ace, I was given the opportunity to get involved with Smile Faith Foundation and I have been blessed with being able to get a brand-new smile.  Because of this, I have a brand-new level of self-esteem and my future looks brighter every day. I am so grateful to Ace Opportunities for everything I learned and still am learning. I could never say thank you enough, but I will be forever grateful.

Brooke B. / 7 months

October of 2011 began my first stay at Ace Opportunities. I was a 20-year-old drunken junkie whose life was completely untenable. At first, I was court ordered there for four months to complete probation terms and conditions. I was fresh out of jail and seemingly unwilling to take hold of the great opportunity for a new life that was given to me. Over the next four months I was guided by Frank Seidl and Lissa Wiley in finding a job and becoming a productive in my daily life. This was also the first time that I had been introduced to A.A.  Little did I know that my full intention at the time was to complete probation and continue using. In February 2012 I completed my required time at Ace Opportunities. Defiant and rebellious to the absolute core of me, I was high again within hours. After months of continuous using, I had reached a jumping off point. I couldn’t live my life drinking using anymore, but I didn’t know how to live without it. In a moment of terror, I called Frank at Ace and for the first time I was able to be honest. I told Frank that I couldn’t live like this anymore, that I was going to die and I asked for help. That same day Frank was able to move me back into Ace. May of 2012 was the beginning of my new life. My second experience at Ace Opportunities is one that I will never forget. I came back as desperate as the dying can be and I became willing to do anything to stay sober. I spent the next seven months working and giving my life to A.A.  I began seeing the beauty in life sober and that was a miracle for a girl like me. After the seven months I was able to move into an apartment on my own! I became a manager at my job! I was now able to live as a sober woman in A.A. A few months after leaving Ace, tragedy struck my family as my older brother committed suicide. Through that time of fear and uncertainty, Ace Opportunities was still there for me. Frank, Lissa and Tina gave me hope when I had none, and they gave me strength to get through this unfortunate event sober. Today, I have a life beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I was given the gift of sobriety and I am now able to share that gift with other suffering women.  Frank and Lissa at Ace saved my life. I know with everything in me that if it were not for them, I wouldn’t be alive today. They took a chance on a girl that was broken and hopeless, and they showed me how to live again. Words cannot describe the gratitude and love that I have for this program. I would not have the life that I do today without Ace Opportunities.


Teri A.  / 6 months

Eight months ago, I was facing 36 months prison. Because of Ace Opportunities, I was able to get out of jail and start over. First and foremost, I am grateful that I am clean and sober today. Without the structure of Ace, I probably would have relapsed or worse.  Because Ace provides a repetition of recovery meetings, I have gained a sponsor and a home group. I am working on my 12 steps. I am beginning to learn how to deal with life on life’s terms. I experience my feelings now instead of trying to numb them. These things seemed impossible to me before. Through Ace, I was able to get a job. And not just a job, but a new career with limitless possibilities. I look forward to going to work every day. This was never possible when I was drinking and using. I’ve also learned how to be fiscally responsible. I pay my bills on time or early. I pay probation more than my minimum payment. I’m able to treat my son to nice things. I’ve learned to budget and stick to it. I know where my money goes these days. Because of Ace I’ve learned to respect myself and others. I’ve learned the importance of dressing appropriately, being on time and being courteous during meetings. I’ve learned to get along with other women who are also struggling. It isn’t always easy to live in a group home environment, but through suggestions, I’ve learned to make the best of my situation.  With the proper attitude, I’ve learned to share, to be accepting of differences, and to “play well with others.”  I’ve become a new person, not the old me before I drank or did drugs, a brand-new person that at times I barely recognize. I try to think of others and be willing to help at all times. The more I help others, the more I help myself. I have confidence where before I was nervous and insecure. I am hopeful instead of depressed. I laugh instead of cry. I now have new phone numbers I can call and the people I call on today actually answer and help when they can. I am able to spend time with my children and family and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. I know in time that I will earn their trust. For now, I am content with the miracle that they are still in my life and actually proud of me. Ace teaches responsibility, respect and recovery. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of some way that Ace has improved my life and my chances of success. I will always be grateful.


It has now been over a year since I was at Ace Opportunities. I remain clean and sober.  I am active in A.A. I have a sponsor and I sponsor others. My career has continued to amaze me; I now have a position in which I am able to help people in the community. I recently moved into my own place where my son will soon be joining me. My family is a constant in my life today! I successfully completed 5 years of probation in a year and a half! Those phone numbers I got in early sobriety are now my best friends. We have fun getting together for BBQ’s, beach days, bowling, movies, etc. People tell me that I am always so happy and confident – that is such a difference from the person I used to be.  Life is good!! As always, I remain grateful for the solid foundation Ace Opportunities gave me.


Liz F.    /    7 months

When I entered the "Aces" transitional housing program in April of 2009, I was angry, resentful, uninvolved with any type of recovery program, and figured I would just bide my time until my anticipated completion date in Oct. 2009. I was not prepared for what was to happen to me, a spiritual awakening, and a new approach to a healthier, sober way of life. During my stay, I became involved in a required 12 step recovery program, and was afforded counseling as well. I learned to interact with the others in our home, and a "home " it truly became to me! I learned to respect myself, my decisions, and gained the respect of the facilitators and residents as well as understand the utmost importance of a solid recovery program. This in turn gave me the life coping skills to handle life without structure. I am exceptionally grateful to Frank and Lissa for all the support they provided, and the honest program they gave to me...a gift of my life back, if you will. I recommend this program to anyone who suffers from the pain of addiction and who has the desire to lead a substance free life filled with the good stuff I relinquished so long ago. My heart and support are with this great program, always...and I know I can return at any time for aftercare and support. This program gave me back my life!!!!!


Melissa S.     /    11 months

 I am 24 years old today and look back at the years since I started drinking at age 19. I got a DUI and have been in and out of jail from 2004 until 2008. I have been to jail about 10 times. In Aug 2008, I realized that drinking may have been my problem and I needed to do something about it. I lost a lot in my life due to my drinking...friends, family love and trust of my family and most of all myself. Then I came to the truth about my drinking and got in to the Ace Opportunities. When I was in the Ace program, I started going to AA meetings and got involved with my recovery from alcohol and drugs. While in the house I finished school and worked, and was able to have freedom that I earned by simply following the rules. When I left the Ace Program in August 2009, I did so because I had successfully completed the program. I moved in to my own apartment, I worked full time in the career that I studied in school and have been clean and sober from all drugs and alcohol for over 1year. I have a great relationship with my family and I have a wonderful life that is worth living. Believe me when I tell you this is no cliché. If you have the willingness, Ace will give you the tools to build a foundation for a better honest life. Good Luck to all who struggle with addiction every day. Just know Ace can help!

Kimberly H.     /    9 months

When I wake up every morning and thank my higher power for putting people certain people in my life, those on the top of my list are Frank Seidl and those associated with Ace Opportunities. I am certain today that without this program I would be dead. When I entered Ace Opportunities I was scared, felt lonely and had no idea where I was going in life. I knew for sure I was depressed and addicted to drugs and if I did not get help soon, I would die. As long as I opened my eyes and was willing to make a change and realize I no longer wanted to live this way, it was the short time I needed to gain my life back. I built a network of understanding and caring people through NA and AA and I began to gain a responsibility toward myself and others. I eventually found a great job that I still have today and the feeling I have that people trust me and find me productive member of society is indescribable.  I was worried and scared about the structure this program offered at first but know now it was just the right amount to slowly work on creating my new life. I know for sure today I would not be here or have what I have gained emotionally, mentally or have acquired these friendships and loves that I have right now if not for Frank Seidl, Lisa Wiley, and Ace Opportunities. I am forever grateful.  


Nicole A.    /    8 months

My life was in a downward spiral and though I knew I needed help; I didn’t want to admit it.  I was given an opportunity to go into a sober living house. I jumped at the chance.  I didn’t really know what it was going to entail but soon had to face that I couldn’t do things "Nicole’s way” anymore.  I had to change my way of thinking. I was given structure and though at times I didn't want it, eventually it became something I looked forward too, and it became natural.  I was on a new and successful path in life, which was exactly what I needed.  I was given a chance to start a new life.  I learned that sobriety could be a fun way of life once I was able to conquer the emotional damage that had brought me to my bottom.  I am so thankful and blessed for ACE Opportunities.  It has changed my life and brought me to a happiness that was needed and well deserved for myself. I can finally say I am proud of myself that I was able to get through the rough times. I highly recommend this program, which I like to call a gift of life, to anyone who is struggling with alcohol and drugs. This is a phenomenal program that will really help change your perspective on life and provide a positive change and a new hope for life!