ACE Opportunities

Male Testimonies 

Mike A / 6 months

I am an Ace Opportunities graduate and I must say when I first got there my first thought was to run I had no one to stop me but I would have to continue to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life wondering when my time was up but I didn't I gave it a chance and to my surprise this program gave me exactly what I needed in my life I needed structure and accountability. The program director Frank to the house manager Charlie they are very demanding in their program but the outcome of this 6 months program is well worth every bit you put in to it I'm not going to say it easy but what I will say is that give this program a chance it works and everyone involved with it is in it to help you. I am here to day that I'm very thankful for everything Ace Opportunities done for me.

Brian S / 6 months

My name is Brian Shin I'm 31 and became addicted to many things at the early age of 8-9 with weed and got addicted to the hustle that came with addiction. I found that at the age of 14 I loved prescribed medication Xanax, Percocet. I messed with all other things from 14-18 never liked any of it until cocaine I was 18 and I lived it. Since then I've done 8.5 years in the Florida state correctional facility and none helped me. At 29 I was faced with do I take the easy route and go to prison again to mess up again? Or do I take the grown man route and go to Ace Opportunities well I took the 2cnd route. Threw Ace I found my life. I went with an open mind and listened. Ace gave me a more structured and routine environment a schedule. And I followed them until I could live on my own. I found a great career threw them and have been there for almost 2 years now and I honestly couldn't have done this with out some structure and great leadership. I now have a family, a career, and most of all my pride and dignity back. Thank you 

Zeke L /   6 months

My experience at Ace Opportunities was truly the catalyst to my path of recovery. I was to a point where I knew I couldn’t live my life the way I was yet had no idea how to do anything different. By living in the house, I had the chance to focus on myself in a safe environment while getting involved in a twelve-step program through which I’m learning what I need to do to stay clean. The structure of the house helped me with finding a healthy routine along with some responsibility and accountability in which I hadn’t had in a long time…. if ever. I’m very grateful for the Ace Opportunities program for pointing   me in the right direction, without it I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. 

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Bobby T /   7 months

When I arrived at ACE I was homeless, I had lost all material possessions. I had lost my family, my wife, my son. I had no reason to continue living. I was looking at prison time for crimes I committed while doing drugs. Drugs and alcohol had stopped working and I could no longer function as a member of society. When I first arrived I was just happy to be sleeping in a bed again. I didn't think I deserved another chance at life but the men I met there showed me it was possible if I wanted it bad enough. Slowly I began to regain some of the self esteem I had lost and was given structure and responsibility. I began to feel alive again without the use of any mind-altering substances. I was able to find employment, thanks to the help of the staff at ACE, when I had thought I was unemployable due to my criminal record. After graduating ACE I started a new job doing what I did before my downward spiral. At 20 months clean and sober I am still active with ACE. I bring an AA meeting to the house with my new friends in the hopes of showing someone this is possible. I have a relationship with my now 6-year-old son, my ex-wife is one of my best friends, my family has begun trusting me again. The prison time I was looking at has changed to a long period of probation and community service which I enjoy doing. My life has changed from hopeless to fulfilling and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Danny B / 6 months

I came to ACE opportunities with very little self confidence, no job, and overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair. I truly felt that I could not live a life free of the obsession, and compulsion to use. ACE opportunities provided me with the safe environment I needed to start my recovery. As time went on, I began to make progress, not only in my recovery, but, also with my family, employment, and with the way I felt about myself. I truly believe that without the transitional living environment that ACE provides, I wouldn't have been able to focus on the fundamentals of a twelve-step program. Due to my involvement with ACE opportunities, and a twelve-step program, I am 15 months clean, gainfully employed, and have a relationship with my family for the first time in many years. I recommend ACE opportunities to people who are struggling with addiction, or alcoholism, on a regular basis